lyric sheets martin newell

Middle Youth is the newly identified consumer type. These thirtysomethings have houses, jobs and may still attend nightclubs, but will then get some sleep before going out to a garden centre.

Middle Youth Club

They still have all the nightlife

But only half the E

Might this be Mid Youth Crisis?

It looks like that to me

They're home by six or seven

For things they have to do

Like sleep for several hours

Then drive to B & Q

Mid-thirtyish but modern

Age has not wearied them

In Portishead and Dubstar

They hear no requiem

As style-war inductees

They're front-line troops no more

But shop for sheds and Tumbling Teds

Around the crowded store

For this is how a decade

Asserts its quiet advance

It starts by trailing fashion

But ends in trailing plants