A recent survey among London's workforce revealed some of the most common, and some of the more unusual, Valentine's Day gifts people receive at work.

Twenty percent of employees have received a Valentine's Day gift at the office, according to a recent survey conducted by British workplace design company Maris Interiors.

As would be expected, the usual gifts of flowers and chocolate were among the most popular. The objects of some peoples' affections, however, received gifts that were anything but usual, including a lemon juicer, a live goldfish and, according to one respondent, a crate of seafood.

Overall women were 12 times more likely than men to receive gifts in their place of work and the majority of respondents knew who the sender was.

A separate survey by fashion brand Ralph Lauren and lifestyle magazine Glamour found that the number-one thing American men in the early stages of a serious relationship want on Valentine's Day is to hear their partner say "I love you." 

According to the survey by Maris Interiors, the top six gifts respondents in the London area received at work on February 14 were:

Beauty products-5%
Jewelry 2%