Despite public perceptions, saving energy doesn't mean doing less, it is estimated that consumers could reduce energy consumption simply by switching their household appliances.


Energy Star is a ratings system for household appliances developed by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy. Products which achieve Energy Star status are highly efficient and can lead to a reduction in household energy consumption and electricity bills. The Energy Star system is recognized in numerous countries around the world including Australia, Canada, European Union, Japan, Taiwan and Mexico, China and Brazil are also working to develop products in harmonization with Energy Star standards.

Belkin won the Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) on July 25 for their Conserve Insight, a plug in display which monitors the amount of electricity used in the home, the device is available to buy on Amazon and retails for around 23€ ($30). In March 2010 Energy Star Sustained Excellence Awards were awarded to Samsung and General Electric (GE)amongst others, GE produce a range of energy saving products including Energy Star rated refrigerators which retail for upwards of 1000€ ($ 1300) and Samsung produce a range of LED backlit TVs which have energy saving rates up to 40% and retail for around 2000€ .

A survey conducted by Ohio State University shows that the majority of Americans are in the dark when it comes to saving energy.  Published August 17 the survey found that the majority of respondents associated energy saving with cutting back on their lifestyles, over estimated the impact of small changes, such as switching off lights when leaving a room and underestimated the impact of big changes such as buying energy efficient appliances.

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