STEVE MESURE has combined environmental science with mime, taking his science show to schools across the country. Mr Mesure, 38, runs the Floating Point Science Theatre, which has three touring troupes in constant demand, performing ten times a week in term time.

A pounds 14,995 award has been given for Sounds Fantastic, a 50-minute show , a collaboration between Mr Mesure's local schools in Bromley and Chatham, Kent, Bromley's hearing-impaired unit and Music Works. Using mime, poems and recordings, it introduces vibration, pitch and frequency.

Another hearing project, Sound Sculpture, is a workshop in which children interpret sound physically. Mr Mesure says: "When I was at school there was a definite choice between sciences and arts. I was working as a geo- physicist when I realised there was a lack of people going into sciences and engineering, particularly women. I was in an amateur theatre company at the time, and we started playing around with ideas of communicating science as physical theatre."