The power and purpose of photo-journalism is exemplified in these stunning images from the 37th World Press Photo contest. Despite instant video film coverage of news events, the still photograph can challenge the onlooker and provoke outrage or understanding in a more timeless way. The winning entries were chosen from the portfolios of 2,429 photographers from 93 countries. Of the 22,775 photographs submitted, two thirds were in colour and the rest in black and white. The exhibition which accompanies the contest will open at the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam on 26 April and will tour 39 countries during 1994.

Children of Gaza Strip, May 1993

This graphic depiction of handguns and slogans was judged the World Press Photo of the Year 1993.

Towell, US, Magnum Photos

Water collection from fog, Chungungo, Chile This entry came third in the science and technology category.

Saussier, France, Gamma for Life magazine

The Paris Louvre 200 years. Second prize in the arts stories section.

Raphal Gaillarde, France, Gamma

Croat funeral, Bosnia Second in the general news section

James Nachtwey, US, Magnum Photos for Time magazine

Girl playing to be a bride. This evocative image came second in the daily life section

Ernesto Bazan, Italy, Newsweek Magazine

(Photographs omitted)