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Good thing

Bath-time toy bag pounds 3.99

A cunning storage solution for rubber ducks and other bath toys. The rigging-style sack can be attached to tiled surfaces with suction hooks, and allows water from wet toys to drain back into the bath.

The Bright Start Catalogue 0171-483 3929

Mad thing

Vinyl Window Vase pounds 15.00

Why bother with all the grubbing about with bulbs and compost that accompanies planting a window box. Especially if dirty finger nails are all you get for your efforts. Be the envy of your green-fingered friends with the Vinyl Window Vase. Instant floral cheeriness without hassle. Fill with water, stick to window and then buy a bunch of flowers someone else has had to grow. Simple.

After Noah: 0171-359 4281

Checkout Soccer Scene

30/31 Gt Marlborough St, London W1V 1HA

Concept: A football emporium. Get kitted out in the strip of your choice: Blackburn Rovers to Juventus, with sizes from 2-3 year olds to XXL. Or buy a goalkeeper's shirt, manager's coat, a team ball, scarf, hat, rucksack, stickers, mugs and videos (sample: The Pain and the Glory: Leeds, a Football & Music Spectacular, pounds 13.99).

Customers: Football fans believe it or not, including Rod Stewart, Robbie Williams and Cathy Tyson.

Current best seller: Man United shirt, from pounds 27.99. The grey away strip is not selling so well but may yet become a collector's item.

Don't buy: Plastercast figure of Terry Venables, pounds 2.99. Outgoing England managers aren't rare enough to be collector's items.

Mail order catalogue pounds 1 call 0171-439 0778

Tel: 0171 293 2222