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good thing

Pico Radio, pounds 29.95

Special EFX have gone radio ga-ga with this human powered FM set, available in peach, blue, aqua and beige. Wind it up - like a sort of talking pepper pot - and the battery recharges. What a turn on.

Special EFX, 3 Ettington Park, Stratford upon Avon, CV37 8BT (01789 450915)

mad thing

World Time Cufflinks, pounds 89.95

Tiny clocks buried in silver-plated cufflinks - the idea being that you can keep track of two time zones at once, hopefully without spilling anything. Great for keeping one side of your life firmly in British Summer Time.

Royal Academy of Arts gift catalogue

(0151-708 0555)

sure thing

Shaggy chenille scarf, pounds 14.99 The shaggy furry look, inspired by fashion's current darling Alexander McQueen, is hitting collars everywhere. This chenille version is a neat way of sidestepping the "is it, isn't it politically correct" debate on the use of fur, fake or not. It comes in burgundy, navy and black.

Accessorize (0171-313 3000).