Shopping: If I Win The Lottery Tonight... Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen Interior Designer

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I'VE BEEN thinking about how to spend the money and inevitably I've had to ask around. We're staying with my mother-in-law at the moment while some work is being finished off on our house so as a little thank- you present I'd buy her Alan Titchmarsh. But my wife got very grumpy about that so if her mother is having Alan Titchmarsh, she'll have to have Robbie Williams. I didn't ask my daughters what they'd like. Hermione is probably a bit too young to know at nine weeks, but Cecile is so obsessed by Barbie, I'll probably have to pay a fortune for a plastic surgeon to make her look as much like Barbie as possible.

I would probably have had to have won a pretty major jackpot to have got this far and that isn't even taking into account what I want. What I'm looking for is a top-flight, totally decent interior designer to come and finish off the work at our house for me. To be able not to have to think about my house would be brilliant. As an interior designer, people's expectations of your interior are so high and your budget is "so small" and it would be so good to employ someone to take it over.

The thing I'd really love to do is build my own house. Not in London. I have a tremendous vision of building a glass cube-type house in the middle of a forest - private and enclosed by the trees so you wouldn't need any curtains. I have thousands of years of Celtic blood in me, so I can cope with whatever lives in the woods. I've raised the subject with Jacqueline, my wife, but I don't think she could bear to be too far from Harvey Nicks.

We all adore north Cornwall. It's a complete fantasy to build in Rocky Valley (which of course you could never do) where there are the terrible blighted moors and then you go down to a dip where suddenly you have rich Arthurian woodland with little ruins and wells and chapels.

We have lived for a year in Cornwall and did find the logistics rather difficult, but in these days of ISDN lines, and being able to afford a helicopter with my lottery winnings, it should be possible.

I loved it when the lottery started - the sense of the whole nation sitting around on a Saturday night, consumed with greed, desperate for it to be them. Real community spirit! I don't have any lucky numbers. I'm pretty unsuperstitious, but so saying I have one pair of lucky socks I try to wear on Changing Rooms if the scheme seems to be a bit of a chancey one.

Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen is an interior designer who also appears as a guest designer on BBC 2's `Changing Rooms'. He was interviewed by Diona Gregory.