Dilemmas, dilemmas. You want to be a minimalist but you simply can't bear to part with that wicker donkey from Blackpool. The answer is here - just box it, store it or shelf it ...

A-frame aluminium shelving unit, pounds 180; sushi trays (x3), picture frame, tins, glasses, plates, bowls and beakers, pounds 1.95-pounds 14.50, all from Muji, London, branches in Soho, Covent Garden, Kensington and Chelsea. Enquiries: 0171 494 1197

Simple 'wave' cabinet, pounds 295; Laundry bin, pounds 59, Canvas storage boxes (x4, two shown), pounds 79.95, both available from Aero, 96 Westbourne Grove, London W2

Oak table, by Maartin van Severen, pounds 1,773, Plastic 'Lio' light, by Sebastian Bergne, Viaduct, 1-10 Summer's Street, London EC1R; Egg cups, pounds 1.95 each, Aero, as above; Card boxes, pounds 1.95 and pounds 5.75, Muji, as above

Aluminium storage unit, pounds 450, Purves and Purves, 83 Tottenham Court Road, W1; Aluminium file shelf, pounds 59, Magazine files, pounds 9.45 each, Aero, as above; Card boxes, as above; Uplighter, pounds 237, Viaduct, as above