IF THE dreary winter weather is causing you to yearn for a romantic sojourn in southern Spain and the scent of ripe fruit, help is at hand from The Fresh Food Company. Between 21 January and 4 February, DIY Organic Marmalade Kits will be available to buy from the company - nationwide - through mail order.

The kit's small and tangy Seville oranges come from Andalucia and, because of their high pectin content, they are perfect for producing good marmalade. A large kit costs pounds 29.95 (including 3.5kg oranges and 6.5kg golden organic castor sugar) and a small kit pounds 15.95 (1.5kg oranges and 2.5kg sugar), which works out considerably cheaper than shop-bought organic marmalades, and both kits include recipes for traditional and lighter marmalades to try out.

Because the season for Seville oranges is so short, the kits will only be available during this limited period - but the good thing about this is that if you prepare now, you get to spend the rest of the year munching through oodles of delicious homemade marmalade - just the thing for lazy summer breakfasts in bed.

The Fresh Food Company is at 326 Portobello Road, London W10 5RU (0181- 969 0351). The Internet site is: www.freshfood.co.uk or you can e-mail the company on: organic@freshfood.co.uk