ANYTHING WITH "try me free" screaming from a packet has to be a good thing and this definitely is.

Throughout January, Maidwell is offering a free 200g or 400g cheddar- style cheese to anyone in the UK. The deal is that you buy the cheese - around pounds 1.29 and pounds 2.49 for the two sizes - from your local supermarket, keep your receipt and the pack's promotional label and then send them both to the address on the label to have your money refunded by cheque.

Even the most pernickety cheese buffs who don't like the idea of buying anything less than a slab of real farmhouse cheddar, freshly sliced, from their local cheese specialist, will welcome Maidwell into their fridges.

Perfect for melting over toast or reclining atop a Jacob's cracker, Maidwell is really worth a try, and then another - especially since it comes packaged in a useful resealable pack.