October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so it's the perfect time to start taking care of your breasts. Six of the Best looks at bust- firming creams and asks what are they for - and do they really work?
Perfect Bust mousse (to be used in conjunction with Decleor's Tonilastil Dermarome body oil), pounds 25 for 100ml, Decleor (0171-262 0403 for nearest stockist).

The idea: To shape, tone and firm the breasts.

Verdict: Despite the wonderful smell, our tester found that it did little more than moisturise the breasts.

nergi' Buste, pounds 26.50 for 50ml, Lancome (available from all major department stores and chemists).

The idea: A bust firming gel designed to improve elasticity and tone.

Verdict: This product was absorbed quickly but, although it improved the general texture of the skin, it had no noticeable firming effect.

Ceramide Firm Lift Body Lotion, pounds 23, Elizabeth Arden (available from department stores and chemists)

The idea: To increase skin firmness and resiliency and to combat signs of ageing.

Verdict: The skin definitely felt softer and it may be of some benefit to older skins but there were no signs of increased pertness.

Fibrogel Aromatic Bust Gel, pounds 29 for 125ml, Darphin (0181-847 1777 for stockists).

The idea: To firm and tighten the breasts.

Verdict: Enjoyable to use, being cool on the skin and pleasantly scented, but the only noticeable benefit was its moisturising effect and, as moisturisers go, it is expensive.

Ethpital Modela Bust, pounds 20 for 80ml, Shu Uemura (0171-379 6627 for stockists).

The idea: A product for those with smaller busts.

Verdict: A pleasant smell, and although it needed to be massaged in a lot (which is probably a good thing for the breasts) it wasn't sticky and did make the skin feel tauter.

Bust Beauty Gel, pounds 28, Clarins (0171-629 2979)

The idea: A firming and tightening product.

Verdict: This slightly gritty gel has an off-putting herby smell but, although the results were not as dramatic as our tester was hoping for, the breasts did feel smoother.

How To Be

More Breast

Cancer Aware:

n Carry out a breast self-exam every month, right after your period. When you get to know how your breasts normally feel, you will quickly be able to detect any changes.

n Try to keep your fat intake to 20 per cent or below.

n Give up smoking - it can increase your risk of cancer by 30 per cent.

n Exercise regularly, at least three times a week for 30 minutes each time.

n Have a professional breast examination once a year.

n For breast cancer concerns call Breast Cancer Care's free helpline (0500 245345). For information or for ways to support the charity call 0171-384 2984 or contact the Women's Nationwide Cancer Control Campaign (0171-729 2229).