Checkout Travelling Light

What is it? Although it looks like a boutique from the outside, Travelling Light is in fact a travel accessories shop which specialises in hot weather clothing.

Who shops there? Anyone heading for the sun. The shop is particularly popular with the cruise and safari brigade as it has a wide range of lightweight but smart clothes - perfect for a cocktail or two with the captain. It also has plenty to offer the traveller planning a rather more rugged adventure.

Such as? A good selection of health essentials including mosquito repellents (from pounds 2.95), water purifying tablets (pounds 3.95) and first aid kits (pounds 7.95-pounds 29.95). They also stock a selection of money belts, torches and sunglasses. For those who can't dream of travelling without a hair dryer or iron there are adaptor plugs (pounds 5.95) and a compact steam iron (pounds 17.95).

Best buy? A cunning trouser belt with a concealed zip for carrying cash - two customers were mugged in Rio, both lost their wallets, but as the belts concealed the big money the muggers only made off with their small change.

For mail order call: 01931 714488

Good thing

Personal door lock, pounds 7.95 The perfect answer to the ludicrous gymnastics required to keep lockless toilet doors secure. This tool fits wherever there is a door latch recess in the door frame. You might feel like you're in a Bond movie, but at least you can relax.

Travelling Light. Call 01931 714488 for stores/catalogue or orders

Mad thing

Tooth Care & Repair Kit, pounds 8.95 The ultimate in DIY, and a bedside safety-blanket for anyone who has recurring dreams about their teeth falling out. Contents include dental cement, clove oil, mirror and spatula: "Just add water". Everything from toothache to repairing a lost crown is covered, complete with the reassurance that if you create an oral nightmare you've got three chances in the box. Somebody ought to tell Martin Amis

Travelling Light. Call 01931 714488

Last week's Mad thing: Monument Trading Co's Tap Pillow was incorrectly described as being inflatable. It is in fact a waterproof, upholstered, foam-filled pillow.