Shopping: What the stars have in store

By Jacqui Deevoy, astrologer for the Clothes Show magazine
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ARIANS are incredibly impatient. You won't find them waiting in a long queue to pay for anything. Naturally impulsive, which means they've got wardrobes full of mistaken purchases.

TAUREANS take their time on a spree and enjoy it. If they find something they like, they splash out. Otherwise, that purse remains tightly shut.

GEMINIS spend record amounts of cash in a very limited time, but sometimes lose their judgement, returning with armloads of stuff.

CANCERS are careful shoppers who won't buy unless they really will use their purchase. They don't mind spending, as long as it's on themselves.

LEOS are wildly extravagant, treating themselves and others, spending far more than they mean to: go to buy cigarettes and return with a Porsche.

VIRGOS are extremely fussy when shopping and will to and fro between shops for hours. Unless the product is perfect in every way they won't buy it.

LIBRANS are extravagant when in the mood. Finding it hard to make up their minds, they often buy everything in sight, ending up very confused.

SCORPIANS Reputedly careful with their cash, but secretly love to spend, saving money and blowing it in a single day. The more expensive the better.

SAGITTARIANS shop haphazardly, spending hours not knowing what they want. They buy a lot of useless things that they think will come in useful.

CAPRICORNS are cautious shoppers who don't really like to part with their hard-earned money, preferring instead to save it all up.

AQUARIANS would rather do their shopping by mail order than fight the crowds. Computer-literate Aquarians surf the Internet and shop that way.

PISCEANS are day-dreamers who love browsing. Tend to get an idea of what they want and spend their lives looking for it whether it exists or not.