So you're petite. That doesn't mean you have to wear a long, flowing dress with a waistline that skims your knees
FINDING clothes to fit if you're short shouldn't just be about buying clothes in the right dress size and then cutting them to the required length. No. It's all about proportions and ratios. Most high-street clothes seem to be based on proportions which look plain silly on anyone not reaching a certain height - waistlines, bust darts and button spacing all go to pot for anyone below a phantom "average" mark. Precis Petite base their designs on the proportions of women at five feet three and under, so the waistline of this dress is sure to sit on the waist and not the hips. Launched just last year Precis's summer collection includes lots of pretty dresses, trousers, skirts and suits. This dress is my favourite because it's not ashamed to be a good full length, it's quite ethnic looking (which is quite the thing this summer) and will look good with thonged sandals or flip-flops - heels needn't be foisted on shorties.

Chilli sleeveless red print dress (sizes 8-16), pounds 99 by Precis Petite. Stockists nationwide. Enquiries: 0181 800 8022.