Expert's view: John Woodhead, director of Standard Fireworks and spokesman for the firework industry

"It is agreed with the Government that we only have fireworks once a year. It's to keep the place in order. You can't have them banging off all year round. Other countries operate on the same basis. As an industry, we welcome it. Having fireworks widely available all year would make things too difficult to handle. Shops selling fireworks have to keep them separate from other things. Hamleys is the biggest seller of fireworks in the world and sells them throughout the year. They have to be so organised to manage it legally and they are very practiced with it. The fireworks are kept on the top floor and staff are trained in handling them."

Stockists of out-of-season fireworks: Hamleys, London (0171-734 3161); Bracknell Fireworks, Bracknell (01344 425321); Novelty Shop, Bristol (01179 264703); Stourbridge Fireworks, Stourbridge (01384 395152); Jack of All Trades, Leeds (01132 646193), Greaves Sports, Glasgow (0141 2213322); Celebration Fireworks, Manchester (0161 7733777). For really spectacular display packs costing from pounds 75, call Kimbolton Fireworks: 01480 860988