Victoria Chaplin, daughter of the legendary silent screen star Charlie Chaplin, is treading the boards in London again with the acclaimed Le Cirque Invisible, a show which combines magic, acrobatics and illusion.

The production, running at the Riverside Studios until 16 October, and silent

throughout, sees Chaplin skilfully transforming herself into exotic beasts, butterflies and all kinds of extraterrestrial characters with a kaleidoscope of fans, umbrellas and other unusual props.

The illusionary stage world of her partner, Jean Baptiste Thierree, is a witty complement, consisting of a Zebra Man, singing knees and assorted tricks.

The pair appear with their teenage son, James Spencer Thierree, whose versatility includes being adept at the violin, acrobatics and magic. He first appeared in Le Cirque at the age of three and has appeared in films including Robert Wilson's Mr Bojangel's Memory and Peter Greenaway's Prospero's Books.

Victoria, 45, is the daughter of Charlie Chaplin's second wife, Oona. She was born in Santa Monica, where Charlie worked and grew up in Switzerland,

studying music and dance.

Charlie wrote the principal role for her in a film called The Freak, but it was never made.

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