Three-dimensional objects that exist solely within computer-generated mathematical environments have become commonplace in the modern, media- saturated world. They are used for special-effects sequences in films like The Mask, they appear as logos for television channels, are used constantly in TV advertisements, and are the structural basis of many video games.

These dinosaur skeletons having a cup of tea have been created for an advertisement by Viewpoint DataLabs. If you want your own off-the-shelf dinosaur, it will cost between pounds 145 and pounds 289. Normal human beings go for pounds 250 to pounds 400. A cowboy costs pounds 255, and a man in a suit pounds 289. The Viewpoint catalogue, which contains all manner of people, vehicles, landmarks, buildings and household appliances, can be found on the Internet at

Viewpoint also builds specially commissioned datasets and can scan any real three-dimensional object that you need digitised. Its main clients in the UK are video games designers, but it is increasingly dealing with companies not traditionally associated with technology. It has just sold a horse to Lloyds Bank, which will probably be galloping across a screen near you soon.

Image from Color Associates Creative Imaging Group.

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