1 Bugs Bunny, pounds 9 Old-fashioned wind-up alarm with a loud ring. Shows Bugs Bunny creeping up on Taz. From Warner Bros Studio Stores, at Regent Street, London WC1 and nationwide. For information on store locations and mail-order, call 0171-432 7018

2 Bunnytime, pounds 22.95 You set the rabbit into sleeping position at night (eyes closed, ears down) and he wakes in the morning at a pre-set time. Children musn't get up till bunny wakes. For weary parents. Natural History Museum catalogue: 01793 431900

3 Mr General, pounds 14.99 This portly general wakes you with a bugle-sounding alarm call, rather than the rat-a-tat of his machine gun. But it's probably not one for PC homes anyway. From H Samuel stores nationwide

4 Dream Traveller, pounds 29.95 This alarm clock wakes you with birdsong; it also has a "go to sleep" facility which features sounds of tumbling streams, surf with wildlife or ocean surf with seagulls. From The Science Museum catalogue: 01793 480200

5 Vercingetorige clock, pounds 29.95 Cartoonish-looking clock designed by Julian Brown in chunky plastic. Comes in various wild shades, and grey. From Purves & Purves, 80-81 &83 Tottenham Court Road, London W1, or mail-order on 0171-436 8860

6 Temperature-reading clock, pounds 21 Wake up to this, and it will not only tell you the date, in case you've seriously overslept, but what the temperature is. So you'll know if the central heating's working. From The Conran Shop, 81 Fulham Road, SW3