Six of the best Children's garden games

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1Diamond Mini Kite, pounds 2.95. Perfect for beginners or kite-lovers with limited space. At 25cm long it must be one of the smallest kites in the world. Comes in a variety of colours and styles. From Aircircus, call 0181-546 5766.

2Aerobie orbiter, pounds 9.99. The boomerang goes space age. Even a malcoordinated butterfingers can get the hang of this, and returns evey time. From Hamleys, Regent St, London W1 or 0171-734 3161 for mailorder.

3T-ball, pounds 17.99. This is the 90s answer to the pogo stick, though much easier to master, and less damaging to the joints. From Mondo, call 01625- 548 383 for nearest stockist, or Hamleys as above, 0171-734 3161.

4Sonic Slash Zoom Ball, pounds 9.99. Not for the faint hearted: two players zoom a water-filled balloon up and down the wire until it explodes and one gets soaked. By Matchbox, call 01628-488 668 for nearest stockist.

5Pro Golf Set, pounds 10.99. Lightweight golfbag in electric yellow, with clubs and golf balls. All your mini Sandy Lyle needs now is a pair of tartan trousers and a Pringle. Homebase, 0181-784 7200.

6Garden games centre, pounds 99.99. Make your garden a magnet for every under nine in your area with basket ball, volley ball, swing tennis, short tennis, badminton and netball. From Mondo, 01625 548 383.