1 Scorn, pounds 8.99 A wonderful pocket-sized diary packed with useful insults and amusing quotes. Each month has a theme: Religion & Morality for December offers us Malcolm Muggeridge's "an orgy looks particularly alluring seen through the mists of righteous indignation". Published by Hamish Hamilton ( 0181- 899 4000 for stockists), and available from Books Etc, call 0171-379 7313

2 The Lucky Diary, pounds 10.95 Beautiful ringbound desk diary and scrapbook. There's a week to view on the right-hand page and on the left an illustration in some way related to luck. A little pocket on the inside cover is for hiding your lucky charms. Call Redstone Press, 0171-352 1594 for details.

3 Badminton Sporting Diary, pounds 15 Leather-bound pocket diary for the sporting man. The week's sporting fixtures are listed by day and at the front there are pages of fascinating sporting facts and tips. Have you ever wanted to know how to use coins as weights? The scale of weight for age for flat races? It's all here. From Smythson. Call 0171-629 8558 for mail order.

4 Cadogan Travel Guides Diary, pounds 7.99 The year is a journey which starts in Kenya and ends in Petra, taking in Norway, Australia, Bruges, Malta and Ireland along the way. Each month starts off with the particular country or city's vital statistics, then interesting facts and quotes are scattered across the weeks, along with national dishes. From Cadogan Publishing: call Kristin Gray on 0171- 738 1961 for stockists

5 The Penguin Crime Diary, pounds 7.99 As well as sinister quotes there are lots of fabulous front covers to admire. Ursula Noerbel's artwork for "Death Under Sail" will particularly appeal to design freaks. A perfect introduction to the whodunnit genre. Published by Penguin Books, call them on 0171-416 3000 for stockists

6 Erotica Universalis, pounds 7.99 Week by week the pictures move through the centuries, starting with women farming phalluses from ancient Greece. This diary should be handled with care. Take it one week at a time, otherwise you can expect to lose entire afternoons marvelling at the extraordinary feats executed in the name of procreation. Books Etc, call 0171-379 7313 for details of nearest branch and mail order.