Six of the best metallic accessories; Shine on

This autumn, bags and shoes have the car-paint look
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1 Red or Dead, pounds 70 Red ultra-shiny metallic patent slip-on shoes with white skinny belt, a humorous take on the current fashion. They have a child-like sweetness about them, partly due to the square toe. From Red or Dead, 33 Neal Street, London WC2 and branches and outlets nationwide. Enquiries on 0171-937 3137

2 Luc Berjen, pounds 149 Metallic mock-croc shoes in silver grey with white stitching. These are devilishly high, but have a good slim fit that supports the foot well. Their only drawback is the length of the toe: those with a larger shoe size would be best to steer clear. From Harvey Nichols, Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London SW1 (0171-235 5000)

3 Gucci, pounds 170 Bright-red Queen Mum shoes with Gucci's signature snaffle grips in silver. Gucci is responsible for this latest trend of car-paint effect accessories, so fashion slaves will have to buy the genuine article. Colours include brown and navy. From Gucci, 32 Old Bond Street, London W1 and 18 Sloane Street, London SW1 (0171-629 2716)

4 Dollargrand bag, pounds 40 This chocolate-brown metallic patent Kelly bag will be perfect for swinging alongside your new on-the-knee fitted tweed suit. It also comes in a metallic grey colour, or mock lizard. Available from Liberty, Regent Street, London W1 (0171- 734 1234)

5 Office, pounds 54.99 Orange metallic peep-toe shoe with ankle strap and clear Perspex heel. One for disco divas. But a word of warning: beware of unattractive toes spilling out of the front. A pedicure is a must. Also in turquoise, fuchsia, silver and black. From Office, 100 King's Road, SW3 and other London branches. Enquiries on 0181-838 4447

6 Herve Masson, pounds 79 Another neat little bag to complement this autumn's outfits. The patent has an incredible sheen to rival the sleekest sports cars and the silver chain is stylishly tarnished. Comes in wine, forest green, navy and black. From Harrods, Brompton Road, London SW1 (0171-730 1234)