1Gold, pounds 19.99 Classic and handsome, with a sturdy feel, although it's actually made from gold leaf painted on resin. The bronze and silver versions are equally nice. From Checkpoint: 01423 524407; price includes postage and packing

2Liberty, from pounds 11 If you have a chintzy home, you might prefer a padded frame. Liberty's range, in flowery cottons, are well made and reasonably priced. From Liberty, Regent Street, London W1 (mail-order available; call 0171-734 1234)

3 Magnetic, from pounds 15.95 Simply put the photo on the metal base, stick the magnetic frame over it - and voila! Smart, stylish, instant framing. From the Conran Shop, SW3, and stockists (Magnetic Attraction, 0171-499 9326, for details)

4Inflatable, pounds 8 Blow-up photo frame that can be hung on the wall or propped on the mantelpiece. In a range of zappy colours, like lime green, orange and purple. Mail- order from Inflate, 11-13 Corsham Street, London N1 6DP (0171-251 5453)

5Abe frame, pounds 17.50 For those whose style tends to minimalism, a neat construction by which two pieces of glass fit into the metal stand and are held together with a Boston clip. Call Wireworks for mail-order and stockists: 0171-724 8856

6Calypso, pounds 34 A cheerful frame hand-made in chunky ceramic by Sally Bourne. It comes in cream, yellow and turquoise with gold extremities, in an attractive brown paper box. From the In Particular catalogue: 0701 0702 027