1Retro print washbags with bath hat and flannel from pounds 4.95 to pounds 14.50. Coordinated bathroom kitsch from Cath Kidston. Her shop is a shrine to 1950s domestic bliss and you can kit your bathroom out with wallpaper and dressing gowns to match the washbags. Call 0171-221 4000 for mail order catalogue and stockists.

2PVC washbag with a message, pounds 40-pounds 60. Anne Delaney specialises in bathroom accessories to order. The prices for her funky shower curtains and washbags vary according to the complexity of the message you choose to have stitched onto them. Call 0171-404 2197 to place an order or for details of nearest stockist.

3Triangular 'handbag', by Editions du Myope-Paris, pounds 29.99. A closer look at this plastic washbag reveals its true nature. It is a spongy, kitchen wiper sandwiched between two sheets of plastic and then cunningly bent, bolted and screwed together to make a witty travelling washbag. Also available in sky-blue. Graham & Green, 0171-727 4594.

4Clear plastic vanity cases, pounds 11.95 and pounds 9.95 The minimalist's bathroom dream: a portable bathroom cabinet in durable plastic - all function and no frills. Best filled with a selection of Muji's matching bathroom products. Muji, call 0171-494 1197 for mail order and nearest branch.

5Handpainted silk, drawstring washbags Camilla Guiness's range of glamorous handpainted-silk washbags includes bugs, renaissance women, fish out of water and dragonflies, all set against bold bright backgrounds. The most practical bag design has the silk encased in plastic, but these drawstring versions are rubber lined so that leaky tubes of toothpaste won't destroy them. Call 0171-221 7949.

6Kids II washbags. Although designed for kids these bright raspberry gingham washbags could easily grace an adult's bathroom. Three styles to choose from, drawstring pounds 16.95; horseshoe pounds 15.95 and tote bag pounds 7.95. Could easily double as waterproof handbags. Liberty, 0171-734 1234.