Anyone living on their own knows that you don't need a full-size

washing machine to launder a few pairs of knickers and a couple of T-shirts. Likewise, there's no point in owning a massive fridge if it's just to keep a pint of milk fresh and a bottle of bubbly chilled. What you need are compact appliances, specially designed for the single- person household - and, at the latest count, 27 per cent of homes housed only one person, compared with only 14 per cent in 1961. The other main advantage of these mini-appliances is that they are perfect if you have a kitchen not much larger than a cupboard. What's more, many of these white goods are as handsome as their bigger relatives and more economical to run. Martin Skegg and Michael Oliviera-Salac

The compact kitchen, from left

Tefal Washboy 5027

Economic and efficient. Can be set up permanently or stored after use in a cupboard.

470mm x 395mm, 2kg capacity, pounds 76.99

Tefal customer services, 01604 762726

Cooker (photographer's own)

Sharp Compact Microwave R-211 (shelf above)

The 0.6 cubic feet oven is as small as it gets, unless you are a Barbie doll.

449mm x 282mm x 369mm, pounds 94.99

Customer Careline, 0800 262958

Tefal Midi Vitesse Kettle 78445

Squidgy in texture and big enough for tea for two.

1 litre capacity, pounds 29.99

Tefal customer services, 01604 762726

Haier WQP3-1 Compact Dishwasher

Cute design that comes in three colours and can also be used to store dishes and bowls. Not to be mistaken for a bread-maker.

470mm x 437mm x 425mm, pounds 299 (available later this year) Electro-Aire, 01276 477494

Haier HR60 Refrigerator

Groovy convex VCM door panel, energy efficient, with ice tray.

501mm x 500mm x 515mm, pounds 119

Electro-Aire 01276 477494

Zanussi TDI62W Studio Compact Tumble Dryer

Rear venting, comparable with the features of a grown-up model.

680mm x 500mm x 530mm, pounds 149.99

Zanussi Customer Careline 0990 140140


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