Consumers can grab deals of the day, safe in the knowledge that their purchase is from a socially responsible company and that some of their hard-earned cash will reach those that need it the most with the launch of a new online retailer.

Socially conscious e-commerce has a new internet outlet in the form of American website, a consumer-targeted website that is using the ‘deal of the day' commerce model to benefit socially responsible businesses and non-profit organizations and, of course, online shoppers.

Using the 'deal of the day' model, will feature one product per day which is discounted up to 70 percent; the products can range from clothes and jewelry to electronics or shoes, but the one thing all of the products have in common is that they will be produced by companies that have incorporated social responsibility into their business model.

Customers and subscribers of will receive a daily email informing them of the latest deals and why the product's manufacturer is socially responsible. In addition, 1 percent of the total cost of the product will be donated to a charity of the purchaser's choice.

Socially responsible shopping online is an increasingly developing trend, encompassing a variety of causes such as supporting producers in developing countries, buying ethically sourced products or donating a percentage of the purchase to charity. Online marketplace Ethical Ocean contains a large range of socially responsible products and ships throughout Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, internet retail giant eBay also launched its own socially conscious website called World of Good in 2008. The site sells products that correspond to the categories of Fair Trade, ethically sourced or organic goods, for example. is scheduled to launch in early September.