Internet Odyssey

YITM, pounds 19.99

Saving a page from the World Wide Web on to your hard disk for future reference is fine - until you come to load it into your browser and find that only the text has been saved, and you cannot remember which of the 25 blank graphic frames on it you wanted to look at. Saving individual graphics is a time-consuming chore and if there are a lot of them it is easy to lose track of what you've captured, what you've called it and where you've saved it.

makes organisation a cinch. It works with Netscape Navigator or the supplied Microsoft Internet Explorer 3, indexing the sites you visit and empowering you as a multimedia magpie to collect text and capture the paths to graphics, sounds, video, links and whatever else is embedded on those pages, and then enabling you easily to browse, revisit, sort, store and even edit them into new forms which you can print or save to disk for use as presentations or personal multimedia reference documents.

This is a powerful way of cataloguing and manipulating data, but the built-in tutorials make it surprisingly easy to learn. As a research tool it can quickly become invaluable for projects of any size, and for keeping track of all the downloaded material littering your hard drive it is staggeringly efficient.

Andy Oldfield

YITM (0113-243 8283)