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Before you dash out for Windows 95, you might like to know how well it will work on your machine, how much you'll need to spend and how much hassle will be involved. WIN 95 Advisor from Touchstone Software gives you these answers for an average street price of pounds 21.

If you have a standard Windows 3.1 installation on a standard 16Mb memory machine with high-speed processor, you probably won't need help, but I was grateful for Advisor's counsel on my 8Mb 486SX/66.

Advisor's first reaction was: "Your system may need some work to get ready for Windows 95." It then said that while 8Mb memory was acceptable, I should install 12Mb to 16Mb for best performance. Since that would cost at least pounds 100, I ignored it. I did not ignore its step-by-step guide to preparing my machine for the big moment. Much of this involves modifying system files like CONFIG. SYS. If this makes you unhappy, put the cost of Advisor towards an expert.

In my case, Advisor's assessment, 24-point checklist and automation of the installation process led to a flawless implementation of Windows 95.

Touchstone Software 01442 870148.

David Tebbutt