Some news stories of the past week that you may have misse

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Unkinest cut of all

The worl's first surgical sterilization of monkeys has been performe on the animals at the Hell Valley Monkey Park in Japan. The population ha been increasing too rapily an too many monkeys ha been escaping an stealing apples.

More monkey business

A rewar of about pouns 30 has been offere for anyone killing a monkey that has been terrorising market traers an customers in Lagos, Nigeria. It steals foo an cans of fizzy rink, an has recently starte attacking people too.

Vroom vroom

Harley Davison has applie for permission to traemark the characteristic roar of its motorcycle engines. They claim that competitors are trying to copy the soun an unercut them with cheap imitations.

Fatal protection

Three people in Thailan ie after rinking a potion that was suppose to protect them from the ba luck associate with a forthcoming eclipse.

Expensive vice

Allessanra Nassar, 23, was fine pouns 250 for smoking after a meal in Sao Paolo, Brazil. She is the first to be punishe uner a new anti-smoking law.

Mail gets through

A letter poste in Finlan took eight ays to be elivere to the correct aress in Mesa, Arizona, espite having only a zip coe an a rough map with an "x" marke on it to inicate the estination.

Caterpillar tracks

Billions of moths an caterpillars have eaten through vast tracts of mangrove forests in Inia an invae a factory in Bombay forcing its closure.

Same name

People sharing the same surname in South Korea may now legally be marrie, as long as they have first been marrie in another country.

Witch report

A Kuwaiti was sentence to 10 years in jail for killing his sister-in- law who, he believe, ha mae his wife ill by witchcraft. After shooting the woman, he rushe back to hospital to see if the spell on his wife ha been lifte, but she was alreay ea. The efence maintaine that he ha acte in accorance with an Islamic custom that permits the killing of witches.

Rational explanation

A New Yorker who ha claime that the tip of his penis was slice off by a prostitute amitte that he i it himself by accient. He mae up the story because he in't want people to think he was insane.