What are you doing at the moment? I've just got out of bed! We are about to start rehearsing for the tour and getting excited about going to the cup final. We're Newcastle fans. We've got a single on 16 June which is a brand new version of the "Lost in Space" track from the album. And we are doing a beautiful video for that.

So you are involved in the creative side as well? I take the whole lot on board. Both of us have a strong picture of what Lighthouse Family should look like and we want to make something fantastic. Videos are expensive whether crap or good, so if we are going to spend a lot of time and effort it might as well be beautiful. I am not telling you what we've done as it'll spoil it.

Do you enjoy touring? You have got to look at it as a songwriter. It's magical to have so many people take time and effort to watch you perform. We try to bring our records and songs to life. We want to do something that is at least as good as the record, if not better, for them to go away thinking there is nowhere else they would like to be. Live music is what it's about for The Lighthouse Family. I started off in clubs with 10 people, and now do Jam in the Park with 30,000-40,000 people. It's nice to go through the stages.

Have you hit it off in other countries? We did some stuff in Europe, Spain and Italy which went very well. Brazil is staggering, people kept coming up to us in the streets. I don't mind, but we are first and foremost about tunes, we are not bending over backwards to get in everyone's face. I don't want be opening up tabloids and seeing our faces every day. I don't know how we've done it, we sell records in the same numbers as media- saturated bands, but we keep ourselves to ourselves.

Are you looking forward to any particular date on the tour? Newcastle. We are going to have a party there. And playing an open-air gig at Jam in the Park, where we will hopefully get that beautifully magic light in the evening.

And to relax?

Drink. And listen to tunes. Different things, a lot of old bossa nova music and Rebirth of Cool 7, The Nuphonic Compilation, and The Reminiscent Drive album. I have a little writing kit which I take on tour. It is a keyboard magic box, and my Dictaphone goes everywhere with me. Obviously I am not averse to a party after the gig with the boys.

Jennifer Rodger