Each week a London based artist/designer interprets the space SPACE #8: Sarah Partridge
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southwold beach, sept 1995

on the roof, stockwell, aug 1996

galloway, scotland, dec 1996

on the roof, stockwell, march 1996

dartmoor, devon, jan 1996

brighton beach, aug 1995

chris's bedroom, stockwell, june 1995

R.E.M concert, milton keynes bowl,

july 1995

chesterton arms, kent, jan 1996

my room, stockwell, jan 1996

torquay, sept 1996

balmaghie estate, galloway, jan 1997

snowdonia, oct 1995

stockwell, my bedroom, sept 1995

uncle richard's allotment, balham,

aug 1995

exmouth beach, oct 1994