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spam sites

For more information on spamming, read the Spam FAQ (http://ddi.digital.net/ gandalf/spamfaq.html) or try a tool for tracking down spammers (http://kryten.eng.monash.edu. au/gspam.html). The site at http://www.csn.net/ felbel/jnkmail. html explains how to get rid of junk mail, while http://www.ca-probate.com/aol_junk.htm is one ex-AOL member's anti-spamming page.

The Internet Spam Control Center (http://drsvcs.com/ nospam/) and No Junk E-Mail (http://www.directnet. com/ spiegel/) claim to help stop unwanted e-mail, as can the Direct Electronic Mail Marketing Association (http://www.memo.net/ demma/dema.html), which also allows you opt in to mailing schemes.

Netizens Against Gratuitous Spamming (http://axxis.com/ian/nags/index.html) includes case studies of spams. For revenge try http://mnnt1.hep.umn.edu/junk/.

To see just how much information commercial sites can gather about you visit the Center For Democracy & Technology Web site (http://www.13x. com/cgi-bin/cdt/snoop.pl).

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (http://www.epic.org) shows how to make your communications more privaten