World Cup fever has even infected audio-listeners. Bone up on the background of England's captain with Shearer: my story so far (Hodder, c2hrs, pounds 8.99). A shade casuistic at times on such things as the Blackburn transfer, but still an incredible story. Don't believe the claim that it's read by Shearer, though; he introduces it and the story contains live interviews, but the bulk of it is read by Christian Rodska.

Shearer ends on a high, but nemesis could be just round the corner. It certainly was for Christopher Reeve, a superhero of a different kind. In Still Me (HarperCollins, 3hrs, pounds 8.99), he tells the full story - in his own voice - of his riding accident and what it did to his life. Gripping, often profoundly moving listening. "You're still you," said his wife afterwards, and she never let him forget it. "You can still smile," said his three- year-old son.