'With lipstick, my mouth feels more powerful'; 'Without it I'd feel like an ugly boy'. But is the magic of make-up mainly in the mind?
SUZI MORTIMER, 26, assistant personnel officer

"I must have been about 13 or 14 when I started wearing make-up, but I wore different sorts of colours - pinky lipstick and bluey mascara. I wear lipstick, eye-shadow and mascara to work, but I don't go for a 'made-up' look, so I don't think it looks too obvious or tarty. For me, mascara is the most important item, because it makes the most of my eyes. It makes me feel more comfortable, like I'm actually making an effort with my appearance. I feel it makes my eyes stand out a little bit more. Wearing make-up also makes me feel more confident about my appearance."

SHAHLA RUSHWORTH, 27, advertising librarian

"I started wearing make-up when I was about 17 years old. I've always worn lipstick - quite a dark-brown reddy colour. I also wear a bronzing powder and mascara, that's my minimum during the day. Lipstick is the most important to me though - I feel it brightens up my face. Otherwise it looks a bit featureless. Without it I think people would say, 'Who's that ugly boy?' And if I didn't wear mascara I think my eyes would look quite small and piggy. Make-up is also about the ritual of preparing yourself - it's part of the excitement of getting ready to go out. It gives you that boost."

SHARON WILSON, 23, company receptionist

"I first discovered make-up when I was about 15 years old, but I wasn't really allowed to wear it. I started wearing it daily when I had my first boyfriend. I wear mascara, lip-liner and lipstick in the day. Lip-liner and lipstick are the most essential. They make me feel better in myself and more groomed. My mouth is quite small and I need the definition of a line around it. I also feel more confident actually speaking - I feel my mouth is more powerful. Without it, I don't feel noticed. If I was the most beautiful woman in the world I'd still wear make-up - it's just part of myself."