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Today or Tony Blackburn? Whatever your listening pleasure, Martin Skegg and Michael Oliveira-Salac have the right wireless
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Radio has a habit of creeping into our consciousness - whether it's the sound of Kiss FM booming out of a suspension-lowered BMW at the lights or the low drone of The Archers during Sunday lunch at the relatives. But if there's a wide variety of stations to listen to, there must be at least as many different styles of radios to listen on. Like the latest in phones, watches and hi-fi, everything from retro to futuristic is available ...

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Aiwa CR-AS75 Card Radio The ideal travel radio, this has an FM stereo and AM analogue tuner, a built-in speaker and plug-in headphones. pounds 35. For stockists, call Aiwa on 0990 902902.

Freeplay Wind-up Radio No batteries required. This works on human energy - 25 seconds of winding generates enough power for an hour's play. And there is a solar panel which provides continuous play if the sun is shining, making it ideal for the beach or summer picnics. pounds 60. Available from John Lewis, Dixons, Argos. For local stockist information, call 0800 731 3052.

Icon ISSUER hand-held scanner For professionals (or James Bond) only, this is one of the smallest wide-band receivers ever made and can pick up just about anything out there, including aircraft, ship-to-shore and emergency radio. It has special scan functions and 100 memory channels. pounds 395. Available from the Spy Shop, 56a Queensway, London W2 (0171-243 0967).

Bush TR82 Radio A limited edition of what Bush describes as the most famous radio ever made in Britain, released to celebrate the company's 65th birthday. Lovely 1950s styling with modern components inside providing FM/MW/LW. pounds 50. For stockists, call 0181-787 3111.

Roberts R881 Digital World Radio One for the radio buff. As well as the standard MW/FM stereo, this has 14 short-wave bands for picking up stations around the world, and it can store 45 stations. Comes complete with stereo earphones, soft case and SW frequency guide. pounds 79.99 from Comet; for store information, call 0500 425 425.

Radio Watch A radio on your wrist, making it the ultimate in portability. The watch shows world time zones and has a calculator - plug in the earphones for FM listening. Just the thing for tuning into the commentary at the test match. pounds 15. Available by mail order from Euphoria on 0181-968 1903 (Thursday to Saturday only).

Angel Fish AFR-1 Radio Listen to the radio in the bath or whilst shaving. The Angel Fish is water-resistant and can be fixed by a hook or suction pads. The fins act as controls, and as MW/FM band selector. pounds 9.99. Available from Index stores. For your nearest store, call 0345 44 44 44