4 My first week Three students reveal all 5 Keeping in touch Friends and family are in easy reach 6 The sky's the limit Now's the time to join a club!

10 The Windsor Fellowship for black and Asian high-flyers

11 How to cope Settling in is hard - but help is at hand

14 Mature outlook Age is an asset for older students 16 Living it up Go wild - but be careful as well!

17 House hunting The dos and don'ts of finding a home

20-21 Frequently asked questions Puzzled? Anxious? Your questions answered by the experts

25 Mission possible How to crack the Clearing code 26 Clearing information Everything you need to know

29 Making the calls Get on the phone and onto a course 32-33 The wrong result Don't panic - there are still plenty of options open

finance file

36-37 Just the job How to combine earning cash with studying hard

40-41 Cashing in The facts about loans, banks, sponsorship and trusts 42 Spending guide Just where does all your money go?

clearing file