If you can't bear to leave the house without the finest talons in town, this nail polish will help you get noticed day or night; available in eight different colours, you are unlikely to bump into someone in the same colour. For best results apply on top of a coat of opaque colour. Glitter nail varnish, pounds 9, by Face Stockholm, available from Liberty, Regent Street, London W1, mail order and inquiries 0171-734 1234.

If you haven't been kissed recently, why not make your lips irresistible with Sweet Georgia Brown's Sparklers Lip Gloss. Available in red, black, violet, crystal and as seen here in blue. Make sure you apply the glitter and lip gloss evenly to avoid looking like you are dribbling from one side of your mouth. Lip gloss pounds 3.95, by Sweet Georgia Brown, available by mail order from Beauty Quest, 0541-505 0000 and Selfridges, Oxford Street, London W1.

You can be a Rockstar, a Firestarter or a Glitterbug with the aid of Superdrug's brilliant new range of glitter hair products. We had so much fun in the office playing with all the different sprays and gels, I think we can safely say that they are suitable for any age. Go for a super-slick look or just plain silly, it's up to you. The hair-glitter gel is pounds 1.99. Other products in the range include Spaced Out glitter hairspray and metallic hair highlights, all available from Superdrug stores nationwide, inquiries 0171-684 700.