Pedal pushers have been bubbling under as a fashion trend for a full two years. Jil Sander did them back then, and I for one thought hooray! Needless to say it didn't catch on immediately, and my hastily shortened trousers looked rather silly... until now. Maybe it's because they have had the seal of approval from Donna, Calvin, Miuccia Prada, Berardi, Nuttall, Jeremy Scott and, erm, French Connection, Miss Selfridge, Kookai and Morgan.

The only problem is that this trend does seems discriminatory against anyone over a size 12 who hasn't got a tiny bottom. Don't let this get in the way. Pedal pushers are merely fashion's way of saying proportions are changing. Long sleeves are getting shorter, short sleeves are getting longer, knickers are getting bigger, shoes are going streamlined and flat, and skirts are getting puffed up.

To get into the pedal pusher thing if you are over size 12, think about baggy, drawstring short pants like the ones by Sonja Nuttall. They're chic, yet laid back and as comfortable as they are unshowy. Richard Tyler got it right too - he put his models in below-the-knee opaque tights in bright colours to get the look, and put dresses and skirts over them for modesty.

Finally, go the whole hog and wear short pants: the length depends on your height. Choose a style similar to your favourite trousers, experiment with shoes and you can't go far wrong.