The champagne fountain, abiding image of Twenties extravagance, familiar to flanneled fools and first-class passengers on ocean liners, has been recreated as an artwork by 23-year-old Chelsea College of Art graduate, David Cotterrell. It consists of 120 free-standing traditional saucer glasses. Mr Cotterrell did not break one. His difficulty was getting hold of them - people drink champagne from flutes these days. Sign of the times: the beverage is water, not champagne, and recycled at that. Price pounds 2,350 at the Paton Gallery, London E8, until 30 November (0181-986 3409).

This pleasing pastel by John Morley, `Flowerpot and Fig' (above), priced at pounds 1,500, is one of the works in the Christmas Contemporary Exhibition at the Fine Arts Society, 148 New Bond Street, London W1 (0171-629 5116) until 20 December. Ship ahoy! A handmade oil-can boat, pounds 99, from a range at The Conran Shops. Details: 0171-723 2223.

Want to know about O'Keeffe, Georgia? Just reach for volume 23 of Grove's Dictionary of Art, to learn that she was "b. Sun Prairie, W1, 15 Nov 1887; d Santa Fe, NM, 6 March 1986. American painter." Entasis? "Architectural term describing the at times imperceptible convex curve of the taper between the top and bottom of a column shaft" (volume 10). This indispensable work, in 34 volumes, published by Macmillan, would normally set you back pounds 5,750, but until 31 December is available at the reduced price of pounds 4,900. Details: 0800 731 9065. Blow up this PVC Piggy Bank by Steve Bretland and put your money where your mouth is. From the Inflate design team - who puff themselves as specialists in the fun, functional and affordable - it is part of a range that includes egg- cups, picture frames, salt and pepper pots and lamps. Stockists and mail order information: 0171- 251 5453.