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At the Shakespeare Walk Adventure Playground in Hackney, the kids, ranging in age from five to 13, are creating a beach. Mud has been dug into a deep circle, and will eventually be turned into "the ocean", which will be surrounded by sand. On the other side of the adventure playground, the final touches are being added to a camp built from old bits of wood and a salvaged wine rack. A tree-house is also being given a stylish make- over. Who says inner-city London kids have no imagination? Our mission was to talk to them about summer holiday clothes, their favourite shops, and what they would do if they were given pounds 100. After five minutes, I wished I was a kid again, and that my favourite shop was Next...

Tyrone Hayes, 10. Loves: playing basketball, hi-tech trainers, sports shops and Nike. pounds 100? "I'd probably buy some sports stuff, maybe from JD Sports in the West End."

Jennie Barton, 13. Loves: art at school, Next for "all the nice, bright clothes," and sports shops "because I'm a tomboy". pounds 100? "I'd give it to Mum or buy trainers."

Bernadette Kearney, 10. Loves: geography, pop group B'Witched, trainers and sports clothes. pounds 100? "I'd go to Portugal, spend all my money on clothes and come home."

Chad Osborne, 12. Loves: New York - "I just moved from there" - Versace, Reebok and Will Smith. pounds 100? "I'd buy a Versace shirt for me and a designer suit for my mum."

Ashley Hayes, 13. Loves: history, Sports Division, Next, Calvin Klein and Levi's. pounds 100? "I would go to Calvin Klein and Gap because I'd like to dress like Alan Shearer."

Sarah Murphy, 9, left Loves: maths, shopping in markets, "because you can look around", department stores, and "my French Connection dungarees". pounds 100? "I'd do fun things with my friends." Atradies Jazz Peart, 9, right Loves: English and Roald Dahl, Reebok, and JJB Sports. pounds 100? "I would like to dress like Sporty Spice, but I don't like The Spice Girls."

With thanks to all the children and staff of the Shakespeare Walk Adventure Playground, Shakespeare Walk, N16.

Special thanks to Jenny and Maria.

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