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Now, I don't know whether this is a trend or not, but there is a hairdresser in London called Joe Miller who can cut hair to look like the person has cut it themselves, and every other way besides. Don't get me wrong, cutting one's own hair can be very stylish and chic, as one friend proved last week when I asked where she got hers done. "When I see a bit that annoys me," she confided, "I just snip it off". When I asked another friend, the lovely Richard Martin (above right) about his "do" called "The Buddha", he told me about Mr Miller and his new salon in Soho.

It's called The Lounge, and it's designed to be a bit like a hi-tech living room. More importantly, all of the hairdressers and cutters in there actually listen to what you want, however unusual the request, and do it, throwing in a bit of their own advice along the way.

Joe Miller, it turns out, is otherwise known as Joe Fish, a respected club DJ who runs a monthly shindig called Sugar Candy. Joe picked up the "Fish" nickname after working at trendy salon Fish, also in Soho, for nine years. He has always wanted to run his own place, and thought about it for five years, saving up all the while. Then The Lounge happened. "I wanted to work in a salon that I would enjoy going to everyday, and the staff love it too, which usually makes for a happy client."

There's certainly plenty to do apart from cut hair, or have it cut. There's a Sony PlayStation, which I fought with for 10 minutes before giving up (while quashing the desire to stamp on the joystick), four television screens (visible only when looking in the mirror) playing Star Wars, and a thumping sound system. The waiting area also features a very stylish sofa with a tactile sheepskin throw, and a fetching table that looks like a mixing desk.

The Lounge was full of shiny happy people having fun when I nipped in. One man was getting a cut from Joe, not dissimilar to the "The Buddha" which was inspired by Joe's DIY-look hair.

Miller's clientele ranges across the board. "We get all sorts," he says, "from 18-year-old club kids, to local market traders, and arty professionals. Everyone really. This isn't a lifestyle salon."

Miller is most keen to emphasise the friendly nature of The Lounge. "We're not corporate. We won't make you feel uncomfortable, or intimidated, we just want you to enjoy getting your hair cut."

The Lounge, 26 Peter Street, London W1 (0171-437 3877)

Men's haircuts pounds 25. Women's haircuts pounds 30. We've got one haircut to give away to the first person who writes in with the answer to this question: Where is Sugar Candy's residency in clubland? Answers to Style/ Lounge Offer, Independent Fashion, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5DL