Helmut Lang Jeans "I want ATTENTION" T-shirt, pounds 50, from Browns Focus, 38 South Molton St, W1

When you wear this offering from everyone's favourite minimalist it is not about receiving attention, it is about a sly nod of recognition from your mates and peers. The Helmut Lang Jeans range is cool, understated and urban; it will appeal to bods with these design sensibilities. Cheaper than Helmut's mainline.

Vivienne Westwood's Anglomania squiggle print bias cut T-shirt, pounds 105

No-one has one of these just yet, but original versions using the squiggle print from the early Eighties' Pirate collection change hands for hundreds of pounds. Westwood is launching Anglomania, a commercial collection inspired by her back catalogue of 10,000 designs in January. This tee is expected to be a sell out.

La La London, "Nothing to Wear" skinny T-shirt, pounds 30, from Browns Focus

Nothing to wear? This is for those who just don't care any more, or pretend not to at any rate. Fashion apathy is generally born out of an over-indulgence in labels (or maybe the labels are all in the wash). Whatever. This little T says "I'm not making the effort today cos I'm too cool, so there." Yeah... right.

Seraph by Sherald Lamden, pink sleeveless fleece drawstring T- shirt with paw prints, pounds 75, from a selection at Selfridges London W1

Seraph is the urban street label for feisty girls with good-girl sensibilities. This tee is made from a micro-fibre fleece and edged with red leather drawstrings. The paw prints represent support for Respect, a charity for animals. It all makes for a cuddly combination.

Born Free, "Ode to Eames" T-shirt, pounds 22. Call 0171-837 4757 for stockists

Born Free's current range was inspired by 20th-century design classics such as Erno Goldfinger's Trellick tower in West London and Eames and Bertoia chairs. Last year it was plastic surgery (remember those blow up boobs?), next spring it's On the Road with Jack Kerouac. For design purists with a sense of humour.

Antoni & Alison, sparkly rectangle V-neck, pounds 33, stickers free, badges, 50p, from 43 Roseberry Avenue, London EC1 (0171-833 2141)

"It's a Peter Blake thing," says Antoni of his Make Your Own Statement T-shirt with extra badges and stickers that say things like "press here", "kebab", and "ha, ha, ha". Wearing an A&A tee is a statement of individuality, and a slight admission of madness.

Hysteric Glamour Airtex T-shirt with HG logo, pounds 65, from Browns Focus

Hysteric Glamour is Japanese kookiness sold to the Brits at inflated prices, but it's fun. Designer Nobu Kitamura is influenced by 1960s psychedelia and 1970s trash such as Kung Fu and Charlie's Angels. Hysteric Glamour speaks volumes about your social life - a whirl of club nights, and bleary- eyed mornings.

Fly, Bruce Lee T-shirt, pounds 25, from Liberty men's department, Regent's Street, London W1

Fly are the graphics duo who designed the book that accompanied last year's Jam Exhibition. This is one of 12 T-shirt designs (others include a dog pooing, and a shopping trolley). Wear this one because 1) you are really tough, 2) you know Fly just designed the United Nations Cafe in Tokyo and 3) you like modern things.

WIN A CLASSIC GAP T-SHIRT The white T-shirt is so interesting, there are books about it. It's a design classic, worn by those who favour design classics over items that are "saying something". White T-shirt devotees believe less is more, and more is, well... vulgar. We have 20 Gap classic T-shirts to give away. Send name, address, size

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