The American retail giant Walmart was one of the product brands with the greatest increase of fans on Facebook over the past day and the past week. 

Data from social media monitoring site Famecount shows that over the seven days prior to July 28 Walmart gained over 179,000 new fans, this data is corroborated by Fan Page List  which tracked a similar weekly growth and an increase of over 35,000 fans on July 27 alone.  

According to Fan Page List on July 28, Walmart's Facebook page registered the fifth largest growth in terms of daily fans in the category 'product brands;' according to Famecount the brand's page also experienced the second largest weekly growth in the category ‘brands'.

This weekly and daily increase in popularity can most likely be attributed to Walmart's policy of regularly posting images of products currently on sale at its stores.  For example an image of a bath mat on sale posted on Tuesday attracted over 1,700 'likes' and images of various products on sale posted July 27 gained over 1,500 'likes'.

Additionally Walmart has been exploiting the heat wave currently gripping parts of America by posting images of products such as paddling pools and ice creams, some of which have attracted over 3,000 likes.

Visitors to Walmart's Facebook page can also 'like' one of a selection of several movies which Walmart will then make available on their on demand video service - however this has attracted fewer 'likes' than the majority of product related posts. 

According to statistics from social media monitoring site Socialbakers the American retail giant has experienced relatively consistent growth of Facebook fans over the past six months.  

According to Fan Page List the top ten product brands on Facebook in terms of 'fans today' on July 28 are:

01.   Coca-cola
02.   Facebook
03.   YouTube
04.   MTV
05.   Walmart
06.   Pepsi
07.   Disney
08.   Intel
09.   HP (Hewlett- Packard)
10.   Samsung Mobile