Two east London boroughs are clashing over plans to build separate superstores within a mile of each other.

Hackney council backs the superstore scheme in Waterden Road, Hackney Wick, already the subject of a public inquiry due to start next month.

Neighbouring Waltham Forest council is considering a 21-hectare development less than a mile away. Plans include a food superstore, retail warehouse and leisure centre, close to Leyton town centre and a Tube station.

Waltham Forest councillors have attacked Hackney for backing an 'out of town' development. Emma Peters, Waltham Forest planning officer, said: 'If the site in Waterden Road goes ahead, not only will they be flying in the face of existing Government guidance but they also our undermine own strategy to redevelop Leyton.'

Hackney council refuses to comment. A report to Hackney council's planning sub-committee last night highlighted the proximity to Hackney's own proposed superstore.

There is already controversy in the area with the heavily criticised M11 road link, and land being used to construct concrete tunnels for the King's Cross Channel tunnel link.