An annual report listing Asia's most popular brands has been dominated by companies from Japan.

Samsung (South Korea) and Toyota (Japan) have come out on top, followed by HSBC and South Korea's LG corporation, while phone company China Mobile was the only Chinese brand to make the top 10, coming in fifth.

The list is part of an annual study undertaken by China's state-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission ( - in Chinese only) under their State Council and the Asia International Famous and Fine Brand Attestation Intendance Centre.

Rounding out the top 10 were Japanese property developers Shimizu, the home appliance makers Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic and the Japanese cosmetic giants Shiseido. In all, Japan accounted for 57 brands in the top 100, South Korea chimed in with seven and China accounted for 23. Along with HSBC, Hong Kong contributed two other brands - Cheung Kong (property) and the Hutchison conglomerate.

"Asian companies have outperformed their peers in Europe and America over the past couple of years. Many of them have achieved impressive growth in recent years, especially those who expanded fast in developing markets,'' study leader and deputy director of the Renmin University of China's department of trade, Wang Yaxing, told Chinese media. Companies are ranked according to their market performance, operating efficiency, products and service.

The report is pieced together by a group of Chinese and international scholars, media representatives, government officials and trading group heads.

The report also complied what it thought to be the "European and American Brand Asian Influence Top 100'', which was headed by Microsoft, Nestle and McDonald's.

Asia's top 10

1. Samsung -
2. Toyota -
3. HSBC -
4. LG -
5. China Mobile -
6. Shimizu -
7. Sony -
8. Toshiba -
9. Panasonic -
10. Shiseido -