A beta version of Netcycler, a internet swapping service with a twist, is set to arrive in the UK in early 2011.

Started by two Finnish entrepreneurs, Netcycler is based on the concept that people should be able to get something good and second hand easily. The website is already running in Finland and Germany and is due to launch in the UK in spring 2011.

What makes Netcycler unique when compared to the multitude of other swapping websites already in existence is its use of "swap rings." These "swap rings" use algorithms to create trade links between any number of people; therefore a swap need is not just between two people but could involve several users, each trading something with one another to get the object they desire.

Swapping websites have become popular as people become increasing aware of their carbon footprint, they encourage users to swap their unwanted objects for other items rather than discarding redundant items and purchasing new objects from shops.

Other swapping sites with a difference include http://www.swishing.org/; this UK-based website focuses on clothes swapping and how to arrange clothes swapping parties; http://bookmooch.com/, a multilingual site for literary enthusiasts and http://www.titletrader.com/, which allows DVDs, CDs and books to be swapped by users irrespective of their country of residence.

More information about Netcycler can be found at http://www.netcycler.co.uk/signup/ or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/NetcyclerUK.