And shocker, we're not the whiniest country

A new survey has ranked salacious online reviews from around the world in a bid to find out who has the foulest mouth.

Surprisingly, while a good moan is undoubtedly one of the defining characteristics of being British, we didn’t rank the worst.

Instead, we only came sixth place for complaints in reviews worldwide while our favourite swear word has been revealed as “sh*te”, at least when it comes to describing something we’re unhappy with anyway.

The study, conducted by Reevoo, analysed language used in consumer product reviews from the past 12 months and found that the curse was used by Brits more than any other.

The word most commonly used by Canadians is “sucks”, while Australians prefer “boob” - both of which probably aren't even considered swear words by most of us Brits.

The Spanish favour the expletive “mierda” which means “sh*t” and Italians express their disdain for a product with the word “schifo” or “disgusting.”

The research also revealed that Cypriots swear more than anyone with one in every 100 words an expletive compared with less than one in 1,000 by Britons.

At the opposite end of the scale, Japanese reviewers use no foul language at all while the Portuguese are the least likely to use their review as an opportunity to complain.