Fancy yourself as something of a main player? Whether you relish the capitalist cut and thrust of Monopoly, tiddling winks or concentrating on a nice cerebral game of chess, Pass Go is the exhibition for you. Opening this week at Leicester City Art Gallery, it's a show that plays mind games with your attitudes to contemporary art and board games, while tapping into the rich seam of twenty- and thirtysomething nostalgia

Visitors can relive childhood through exhibits which include a larger- than-life snakes and ladders board, abstract sculptures of Monopoly pieces, and a maze. Family activities include women-only chess evenings, aimed at increasing female confidence in a game often regarded as the preserve of Russian men with planet-sized brains, weird alarm clocks and no taste in cardigans. During the day, under-fives can take part in creative and fun-filled art workshops, where they can design their own board-game.

Game-playing doesn't stop at the doors of the gallery, as giant-sized family favourites will be taken out into the streets. And if competitiveness sends you into a murderous rage, why not try an interactive version of Cluedo, where you can choose a weapon and pose as one of the murder suspects.

Best of all, after giving up your "Professor Plum with the rope" or "Miss Scarlet with the candlestick" you won't have to go directly to jail.

Pass Go... Collect pounds 200 and Other Board Games, Leicester City Art Gallery (0116-254 0595) from 11 Jul to 30 Aug