Wealthy buyers hailing from Russia to Italy gathered at this year's Monaco Yacht Show to marvel at the most luxurious yachts on the market.

One of the yachts on sale, dubbed the Solandge, has to be one of the more opulent yachts we've ever seen.

With six decks and a hefty $174 million price tag it's worth giving the Solandge superyacht a closer look:

Measuring 279-feet long, the six-deck yacht has a bar with a piano, pool, movie theatre, and dining hall. It also has a helipad and elevator.


(Moran Yacht & Ship)

The yacht has eight suites that can accommodate 16 guests. The whole yacht has marble and beautiful dark wood finishing that make it look more like a palace than a boat.


(Moran Yacht & Ship)

Take the master suite, for example, which comes with a giant, sparkling chandelier overhead and a massive king-sized bed.


(Moran Yacht & Ship)

The master suite comes with its own private bathroom.


(Moran Yacht & Ship)

In addition to a walk-in shower, the master bathroom also has a giant, marble bathtub.


(Moran Yacht & Ship)

The master suite also comes with a private deck that has a Jacuzzi and outdoor couches for lounging.


(Moran Yacht & Ship)

The other rooms on board are also luxurious and offer a ton of space.


(Moran Yacht & Ship)

Here's a bathroom in a separate suite, which comes with a giant stand-in shower with a bench.


(Moran Yacht & Ship)

As for communal spaces, there's a sauna...


(Moran Yacht & Ship)

A gym...


(Moran Yacht & Ship)

A dining area with a TV and kitchen space...


(Moran Yacht & Ship)

... And a bar fancy enough to be in a five-star hotel.


(Moran Yacht & Ship)

There are plenty of areas for sitting and watching TV.


(Moran Yacht & Ship)

There's a regal theme throughout the entirety of the yacht, from the plush, gold-and-purple furniture...


(Moran Yacht & Ship)

To the ambient lighting and marble columns...


(Moran Yacht & Ship)

... Down to the carpet and coffee table selection.


(Moran Yacht & Ship)

The Solandge also features a massive dining table that, naturally, sits under a chandelier.


(Moran Yacht & Ship)

But if that doesn't do it for you, there are plenty of nooks for sitting outside to gaze at your natural surroundings.

(Moran Yacht & Ship)

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