Mr. Cornellier wanted to document the aging of growth in a teenager.

The video includes almost 3,000 selfies shown in less than three minutes

A teenager in Montreal, Canada, took a picture of himself every day for the last eight years. The result was a timelapse uploaded to YouTube which has now been watched more than 30,000 times.

Watch the video below:

Source: Teen takes selfie everyday for 8 years by hCornellier on Rumble

Hugo Cornellier, now 20 years old, started this project at the age of 12. During these eight years he took a total of 2,920 selfies in an attempt to document the aging and growth of a teenager.

In less than three minutes the viewer watches Mr. Cornellier grow from a pubescent teenager to young adult.The video becomes smoother towards the end with pictures taken from similar angles.

Mr. Cornellier said on his Facebook account that given the success of this experiment, he is now considering making a new video where he does not shave his beard for one year.